Cable Knit Newborn Layering Blanket Pattern

I’m so excited to post this pattern!  I love knitting cables for so many reasons.  First of all, they create such an elegant and unique look.  Secondly, they look like they are pretty complicated and require a lot of skill – but really once you get the hang of it, they are quite simple.  Most cable patterns only require you to use the cable needle every few rows, and the rest are just combinations of knits and purls.

Newborn Layering Blanket Pattern

This pattern makes a beautiful stretchy and soft cable knit blanket that can be used as a wrap or for layering/stuffing baskets in newborn photography.


Newborn Layering Blanket Pattern

You have my permission to sell any items that you create with my patterns, but they are copyrighted so please do NOT copy, share, adjust, or resell this pattern as your own. As well, the images in my patterns are NOT to be used as your own if you are selling the items that you make with the patterns. Please use your own images of the actual items that you make.


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