Cozy Cluster Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

This is a video tutorial for the Cozy Cluster crochet stitch used in the Cozy Clusters Baby Blanket Pattern.

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10 thoughts on “Cozy Cluster Crochet Stitch Video Tutorial

  1. Liked the tutorial for the cluster stitch but wish is was done a bit slower and maybe a closer view. I just replayed a couple of times to be sure I got it right. Thanks so much and I will be using it. I hope you will add more tutorials. They really help.

  2. Hi! Really enjoy your blog! I am a relatively new crocheter and have been attempting this pattern, but am finding that the chain 1 spaces seem to be a lot larger than in the picture—-any ideas? Could it be the yarn or the hook? Thanks so much!

  3. HI
    Great video and can’t wait to start.
    Can you tell me what ply this yarn is (in Australia)
    When I look up what ply a bulky yarn converts to it says 12 ply?

  4. Hi LeeLee, I made this as a baby blanket in a wonder peachy color. So simple and easy. It reminds me of the bean stitch or the Elizabeth stitch. I did a few rows each evening and by the end of the week and a snuggly, yet elegant, baby blanket. Love your site too!

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