Farmhouse Dish Towel Knitting Pattern

If you were to ask me what my home decor style is, I would say modern with farmhouse/rustic accents here and there to add a touch of coziness. It is this look that I had in mind when I started to create The Farmhouse Dish Towel knitting pattern.

These beginner friendly dish towels are not only stunning to have on display in your kitchen, but they give off a cozy, inviting vibe that will make any guest feel at home. And needless to say, they are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. So you can knit these up and feel good for doing your part to save our beautiful planet!

My yarn choice for these towels was Knit Picks Dishie Worsted Weight Yarn. Dishie is one of my go to yarns for washcloths and dish towels because they have an incredible color palette to choose from and the price can’t be beat for the quality. I have dish cloths from years ago that still look like new every time they come out of the wash.

I have written out and posted the free pattern for the Farmhouse Dish Towel below on this page.

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  • Farmhouse Dish Towel Knitting Pattern


    Here is what you will need to make one towel:


    Each cloth measures 10″ Wide X 14″ Long.

    Special Stitches

    Seed Stitch:
    Row 1: *K1, P1; repeat from * to end of row.
    Row 2: *P1, K1; repeat from * to end of row.


    21 stitches, 28 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch.


    K: Knit


    Cast on 52 stitches (or a multiple of 6 plus 4).
    Row 1: Knit all stitches.
    Row 2: K3; *P4, K2; repeat from * to last stitch; K1.
    Row 3: Knit all stitches.
    Row 4: K1, P3, *K2, P4; repeat from * to last six stitches; K2, P3, K1.

    Repeat rows 1-4 three more times, and then work four rows in seed stitch (described in Special Stitches section above).

    Repeat above steps (starting from Row 1), three more times.

    Repeat Rows 1-4 one more time.

    Cast off and weave in ends.

    I hope you enjoyed this free pattern and I am so grateful for your support!  Don’t forget that you can purchase the ad-free PDF file.  Purchasing the PDF file helps support this website and allows me to continue to share my patterns and inspiration with you guys!   

    Should you have any issues with the download, please email: [email protected] for assistance. 

    Purchase the PDF file (which will be emailed to you automatically after purchase) for $4 USD by clicking the button below or through Ravelry

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  • 20 thoughts on “Farmhouse Dish Towel Knitting Pattern

      1. Hi Debbie, the yarn is from Knit Picks (link in materials section). You can only purchase this yarn online, but its worth the wait!

    1. I swore I was never going to knit dish towels; now I want to eat my words. Can’t wait to go check out those colors; I love the pink.

      1. Lol! You will love them, even my husband who couldn’t care less about dish cloths complimented me on them!

    2. Thank you so much for your beautiful patterns ! I have made the Farmhouse Dish Towel and it’s perfect. I am a novice knitter and truly appreciate your K/P pattern. I would like to make it twice as wide, can I just cast on 104 stitches ? Really appreciate your help !!

      1. Hi Christa! You’re so welcome! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the pattern. You need to cast on a multiple of 6 plus 4. The original pattern called for 52 stitches. 52-4=48. So double that and you have 96 stitches. Then add 4, which equals 100 stitches for twice the width.

    3. I LOVE this quick and easy pattern. As a self-taught lefty ( knit and crochet) I found it easy to adapt to my left style. Can’t wait to make a ton of these as gifts. I can see how you could make matching sets of napkins and place mats with this pattern! So in Love!!

    4. Hi Alnaar,
      I bought 5 skeins of DISHIE last Fall from KnitPicks and was so busy making other small items and hats. Now I can make the ‘dish cloths’ starting this weekend. This is my plan. Also the cable socks. Take a break with something NEW from you.
      Thank you for sending me patterns.
      Keep creating in cold Cananda

    5. Thank you Lee Lee! I looked back at your pattern and saw that you said that you use multiples of 6 and then add 4 more. It worked out perfect! Such a beautiful pattern! Perfect! Thank you so much ❤️

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