Fiber Content – Choosing the Right Yarn for your Project

Choosing the Right Yarn

Have you ever found the perfect pattern for your next project and can’t wait to get started.  The only thing holding you back is the yarn that the pattern calls for is only available online and you simply cannot wait for it to arrive?  Or perhaps you are designing your own handmade throw (scarf, hat, mittens…) and are not sure which yarn to use.

If you already know the weight of the yarn, and have a good idea of the needle size that you are going to be using, there is another factor that you need to consider, and that is the fiber content of the yarn.  A lot of people (and I have been guilty of this as well), find a pretty coloured yarn and get to work without even considering what the yarn is made up of.   Its only after working a few rows, that you realize that the yarn doesn’t have enough stretch to it, or that its actually quite scratchy once knitted up.

To help you with your search for the perfect yarn for your next project, I have created a simple chart describing the pros and cons of the most common yarn fibers, as well as project suggestions.  Note that most yarns contain a mixture of the fibers in the chart, so you want to look for a yarn that has the best combination of fibers for your needs.

Choosing the Right Yarn

Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Yarn

Hopefully the above chart has made it a bit easier for you to choose the perfect yarn for your next project.  And the next time you order yarn online or head off to your favourite yarn store, don’t forget to check the fiber content of the yarn.  It will save you a lot of stress down the road!

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