Stretchy Newborn Shorts and Pixie Hat Knitting Pattern

Newborn Shorts and Pixie Hat Knitting Pattern

This latest pattern is great for when you have no idea how large the newborn baby you are knitting for will be.  Its knit up with a special rib stitch, chunky yarn, and large needles for maximum stretch – making it perfect for a wide range of newborn sizes.  The sweet little baby in the photo above was almost 9 pounds, but it will be perfect even for a tiny 6 pound baby.

Newborn Shorts and Pixie Hat Knitting Pattern

The pattern for this newborn baby set is written to be made with 8 mm straight knitting needles and chunky weight yarn.  You can purchase the pattern through Craftsy or Etsy.

You have my permission to sell any items that you create with my patterns, but they are copyrighted so please do NOT copy, share, adjust, or resell this pattern as your own. As well, the images in my patterns are NOT to be used as your own if you are selling the items that you make with the patterns. Please use your own images of the actual items that you make.


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