Cozy and Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

I don’t know about you, but it seems like babies are popping out left, right and centre in my life!  My sister in law and best friend are both due this winter so my mind has been on baby blankets.  A hand made crochet or knit baby blanket is the perfect gift to keep a winter or fall baby warm.

This pattern is a quick and easy one.  I used an extremely soft merino/acrylic blend since babies have very sensitive skin.  If you use a different yarn from what my pattern calls for, make sure that its machine washable since it will definitely be going through the wash many times.

I have written out and posted the free pattern for this baby blanket below on this page.  However, you can also purchase the PDF file for easy printing and reading (and to support me to be able to continue to post patterns on this blog).  If you’d like to purchase the PDF file, click the “Purchase PDF File” button below.

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

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Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

What you will need

Here is what you will need to make this super soft and cozy baby blanket:

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This blanket measures 24″ X 35″.

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern


Chain 90.

Row 1: SC in second chain from hook and in each remaining chain; CH 2, turn.

Row 2: 3 DC in first sc;  *Skip next 3 sc, (SC, 3DC) in next sc; repeat from * to last 4 stitches, skip 3 sc, SC in last sc; CH 2, turn.

Row 3: 3 DC in first sc; *Skip next 3 dc, (SC, 3DC) in next sc; repeat from * to last sc; SC in top of turning chain; CH2, turn.

grey blanket pattern

Repeat row 3 until your work measures approximately 34 inches (or as long as you desire).  At the end of the last row, Ch1, turn and work around the border of the blanket evenly in single crochet for 2 rounds.  Make sure that you do 3 SC in each corner of the border.  If you don’t know how to do a single crochet border, this wonderful article explains it in detail.

Video Tutorial:

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern
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88 thoughts on “Cozy and Free Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

  1. Hello,
    Saw this lovely blanket on the above noted website and would love to make it for my newest grandchild who will be arriving in February. I would like it slightly bigger, say 30×41 inches. Lengthening is not a problem, but, being new to the art of crocheting, I am not sure how many more chains would be required to widen the blanket to 30 inches. Would you please help me solve this dilemma?

    1. Hi! The foundation chain should be a multiple of 4 + 2. So, if you would like to add 6 more inches to the width, I would suggest adding 24 to the foundation chain (since 4 chains would add approx. 1 inch) – a foundation chain of 114 should work.

        1. At the end of the last row, Ch1, turn and work around the border of the blanket evenly in single crochet for 2 rounds. Make sure that you do 3 SC in each corner of the border.

  2. This is lovely. I want to make one for both my nieces…. One is a newborn and one is in college. Do you think this pattern could also work as a throw (adult size). I am new to crochet but eager and enthusiastic. Thanks for the pattern. It was just what I was looking for!!!

      1. Hello Leelee. What a lovely pattern. I would like to make a large throw using the James C Brett wool you recommend. I am fairly new to crochet. How many should I cast on for the foundation row to make the throw? Thanks.

        1. Hi Jane, it would depend on how wide you’d like the throw to be. You need to chain a multiple of 4 + 2, so keep chaining until you think it is a good length and then verify that you have chained a multiple of 4 plus 2… hope that helps.

          1. Hi LeeLee
            I’m also new to crochet. This looks like a fun& easy patern I can’t wait to get started. How many skeins of yarn do I need & also, do you have any ideas for a Nautical pattern? Expecting another Grandson on 12/21 this year & my son is in The Navy. Thanks so much.

  3. Love it but used the 6 skeins of chunky weight yarn from Hobby Lobby and am getting 30 inches and not enough yarn for the edges. Just so other people should know to buy extra yarn.

  4. I love this blanket but wanted something in worsted weight so I dropped down a hook size and it’s turning out beautifully!

  5. Love this patteren! I just started this last night
    It’s turning out beautifully. I think I just might make one for me.

  6. Hi, ty for the pattern! I started this yesterday & have to say how easy & quick it is! I’m doing it to fit a moses basket so slightly smaller in length but its turning out great. Love how it looks the same on both sides. I’m doing it in a 4 colour ombre type stripe & it looks great 🙂

  7. Would love to try this but would it be ok to use regular yarn instead of chunky? Will I have to chain more or use two strands? I have done a pattern similar to this in the past and had a problem of the sides curving in…wondering if it was because I used regular yard?

    1. I would chain more instead of doubling up the yarn. The foundation chain should be a multiple of 4 + 2. Chain until the chain measures as wide as you would like the blanket to be. Also if you are using a lighter weight yarn, you should use a smaller hook (H or I/9).

  8. Thank you so much for this pattern, I am planning to make this in stripes (3 colors -grey, white and pink) of 40 x 40 inches, could you kindly guide me on how many stitches to make for the foundation, I am assuming 160 stitches + 2 (4 stitches equals one inch). Also, how many rows make an inch and which are the rows to be repeated to get the pattern complete for each color stripe.

    1. You’re welcome Benny. The foundation chain should be a multiple of 4 + 2, so yes I think 162 would be perfect. 2 rows make an inch. I would do each stripe as 2 rows.

  9. Love the look of this pattern but haven’t crochet in years so here goes, only problem what is the ply of the yarn as no James C Brett in available in Australia not sure what to use.

  10. Thank you for the pattern, I have my first great grandchild coming. Looking for something special. Wanting to try this. Curious though, why grey not pale green, yellow or if you know the sex of the child pink or blue? Is this a new trend?

  11. may try this for a car seat blanket – so it would have the hole in the middle for the buckle – looks like it may be a little small so i will add a little – do you think it is a tight enough stitch for winter?

    1. Nothing should go under baby or between baby and harness, jsyk. This, however, would be a great blanket to cover baby with after buckling.

      1. Good catch Angie, I TOTALLY agree there. Baby might suffocate, and you wouldnt even know it. I think covering the baby with it is a great idea too tho.. Anything to keep that precious bundle safe.

    1. Bernat baby blanket is a beautiful yarn to crochet a baby blanket or an afghan. I like using the size 10.00 mm N needle.

  12. I made two of these for cousins who had babies. They work up fast (made one in an evening), and were appreciated by all. Am looking to make some more to raise money for my lady’s group.
    Thanks for the pattern.

  13. Love this pattern! I may just finish an project and love the outcome.
    I have only ever dabbled in crocheting because sides get wonky, patterns , don’t line up, I can’t wrap my head around the written pattern, or understand how to repair errors on my own.
    I am a third of the way through a baby blanket. So proud. Love the way the pattern is drawn and that you explain the chain 2 as the first of the 4 stitches in the first bubble.
    More like this one please.

  14. Hi LeeLee”

    Thank you so y much for such cute patterns for baby blankets & free to top it off, Love it! I am pretty new to the symbols & I have noticed that a lot of these are used in many patterns in one form or another but some are not all the same or some are fancier..would you please tell me what the … ‘s ++++’s & the xxxx’s represent & also how do I read the pattern when it is in parentheses?

    Thank you LeeLee for all your time, help & patience. I greatly appreciate all of it.


  15. Hi
    Is this blanket pattern on to try and make this beautiful blanket for my granchild which she/he arrives April 2017..

  16. Thanks so much for this pattern! I’m working on making one slightly larger. I started with 162 in the chain, it’s measuring about 43.5 inches and it looks amazing. The pattern is so easy to follow and does work up quick. Can’t wait to finish it.

  17. Hi, lovely pattern is this what is known as the shell pattern? I’m very new to this and I’m not even sure I could follow patterns yet :/

  18. I love this blanket! I would like to make it using Bernat softee baby yarn . I would like to make it 40 by 40 how many would I need to chain on to start and would I use a I /9 hook? Thank you so much for your help

    1. Hi Sheila, The foundation chain needs to be a multiple of 4 plus 2. I would recommend chaining until it reaches the desired length and make sure you have a multiple of 4 chains (then add 2). If you use Bernat softee baby, it is a thinner yarn so you will either need a smaller hook (US G/6) or you can use the softee baby chunky yarn and then just use the same size hook. Hope that helps!

  19. Just found this beautiful baby blanket and cannot wait to try this!!!!! I was wondering if I use a pound of love baby yarn from lion brand and bernat baby coordinates if the two together would give me a bulky weight yarn that you recommend for your pattern?

  20. I am having a problem with these gaps along the edges I think it has to do with the chain 2 and turning but not sure. Am I doing this wrong or is there suppose to be gaps along the sides? The k hook is a little thick but I can work with it. What would be the next size that you would be a little less thick? Thank you in advance Leelee.

  21. After going over the pattern again, I was doing 1 dc at the beginning of row 2 -3 instead of 3dc now I am on track and having no problems. Thank you for such a pretty baby afghan pattern.

  22. Love this pattern. I will be a grandmother for the first time this winter. I will definitely be making this blanket for my new grandchild. I still have the blanket I brought my son home from the hospital in. The blanket is almost 40 years old. I didn’t have my son until 20 years after I made the blanket. So now with this blanket there will be 2 heirlooms to be passed down to my son’s grandchildren. Thank you for the lovely design. I do waht to ask where did you get the bear in the picture from? It is so cute and loveable as well as the pig.

    1. Oh wow, this is so nice to hear! Handmade blankets are the best gift in my opinion. So much love and time goes into them.
      I’m so sorry but I have no idea… they were purchased a few years ago and I can’t even remember if I bought them myself or if they were given them as gifts.

  23. Thanks for sharing this free pattern. I love the fact that it’s chunky and double sided. I am a fabricholic but now also a yarn hoarder lol so will be whipping this blanket up. Thanks Leelee. ❤️❤️ Merci beaucoup.

  24. I have finished doing the blanket and it is so beautiful, love this pattern from you Leelee. On the sc edging I wanted to ask you on the top row of the blanket should I be doing 2sc in each of the dc across? I have tried doing the 1sc in each of them and it takes the effect of the kinda scallop of the pattern? Any advise on this? Would you be doing a tutorial on this edging?

    1. I had the same problem. I kept going and it looks ok—though that top edge looks slightly ruffled because of the scalloping. I saw a YouTube video for a different pattern that suggests when you add a border to a scallop, you put a hdc in the little “dips” of the scallop to even them out and a regular sc in the rest of the stitches. Then the second time around the border you just use all sc stitches. Leelee, would you recommend that approach?

  25. I loved the cute colors used in the pattern. Will surely make one!

    Sharing a great article on crochet supplies


  26. Very beautiful pattern. I am so anxious to do this. I love this pattern. Thank you for doing the video above to show a beginner.

  27. I just finished this. My first crochet blanket! I used Bernat Softee Chunky Baby, which worked well. I feel so proud! 🙂 Thanks for the very clear, easy-to-follow pattern.

  28. I don’t comment much on blogs but had to return and thank you for this beautiful pattern. It is my first crochet pattern and first blanket and I pulled it off with a size 8mm hook using Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in ivory and it is really stunning everyone loves it 🙂 Thank you again !

  29. I love this pattern!! I just started making it as a toddler blanket for my neighbor who is due in February. I love the stitch and it’s working up so well. I love how it puffs a bit as you go along. Thank you SO much!!

  30. I am making this with a bulky weight Red Heart yarn and it’s turning out so lovely! I just love it. It’s for a gift for my neighbors who are expecting their first baby in February. I am making it for a toddler size that s/he can use when they are grown up too!! I love how the whole thing works up nice and straight on the sides (except for the very top row). I was about to ask the same question about how to get the top row straight but I see someone asked above. I did a sample of about 10 inches and found if you do single crochets on the higher scallops and double crochets in the dips (at least for bulky yarn) it turns out nice and straight. Thanks for inventing a beautiful pattern. How on earth did you figure this one out so that it makes the little puffy parts as you go? I love it. Thanks!

  31. Thank you for this pattern! I used it for one of my new baby blankets (I just changed the border up a bit). I think it turned out pretty good. I linked back to your pattern in my listing. Thanks again!

  32. Hi
    I would like to make this blanket square, could you please let me knopw how many more chain I require. Thanks heaps

    1. Hi Glynis. The foundation chain should be a multiple of 4 plus 2, so just chain until the length is the size of one edge of the square in a multiple of 4 and then add 2. Hope that makes sense!

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