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My yarn collection has gotten a little out of control lately, so I thought I’d sit down and finally organize my stash.  After donating about half of it,  I realized that there were certain yarns that I couldn’t part with – and then I went online and purchased more of it.  I seriously have a problem, I know.  That was when the idea came to me that I should share a listing of my favourite yarns and why I love them so much (along with corresponding free patterns to try) with my amazing followers – whom I predict are much like me and always looking to add to their stash!


1. Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky

Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky is one of my go to yarns for anything that I plan to make for children.  Not only does it come in a huge range of colours, but its so incredibly soft, yet durable.   I like that this yarn is acrylic and machine washable.  Another benefit of acrylic yarn is that it is a great option for anyone with wool allergies – and when making things for children its always best to be on the safe side.

I use Simply Chunky when making toys like my Free Crochet Teddy Bear pattern as well as for baby blankets like the Easy Knit Baby Blanket pattern that I posted a couple of weeks ago on this blog.


2. Knit Picks Dishie Yarn

In my opinion, this is by far the best cotton yarn for making absorbent wash and dish cloths.  Its an added bonus that the yarn is worsted weight and works up quickly.  The colours are simply gorgeous and the quality is the best I have seen for a cotton yarn in this price range.  I used this yarn in my Free Crochet Washcloth pattern and plan to post a knit dish towel pattern very soon using the same yarn (so check back soon for the free pattern)!


3. Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Bulky Yarn

First of all, the colour palette for this yarn is to die for!  I think I’m in love with every single colour that this yarn comes in.  Mighty Stitch Bulky is 80% acrylic and 20% super wash wool, and luxuriously soft against your skin.   That is why I love it for winter accessories like mittens, scarves and hats.   Just try this yarn with my Chunky Cabled Knit Cowl Pattern and I know you will be hooked!


4.  Cascade Cherub DK

I love this light weight DK weight yarn for baby knitting and crochet because it is machine washable and incredibly soft – and since it is made up of nylon and acrylic, its great for sensitive skin.  It is a lighter weight yarn, which makes it ideal for spring and summertime projects as well.  You can try Cherub DK out with my Crochet Heirloom Baby Blanket pattern posted for free on this blog.


5.Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight Yarn

Another favourite of mine for amigurumi and toy making, Berroco Comfort Worsted Weight Yarn is an acrylic, nylon blend that is perfect for sensitive skin.  I’m so happy with the durability of this yarn.  The first time I worked with it, I made a stuffy for my daughter a couple of years ago that still looks as good as the day it was made (and she sleeps with it almost every night!).  I have featured Berocco Comfort in the following free projects on this site: Free Crochet Bunny PatternBobbles and Stripes Crochet Baby BlanketPattern, Baby Chick Crochet Pattern, and Free Crochet Puppy Pattern.


6.James C Brett Chunky with Merino

James C Brett Chunky with Merino is a really soft, snuggly, warm yarn that is my go to for thick winter knits.  I love that it is machine washable and have made baby blankets like the Cozy and Free Baby Blanket with this yarn.  To be honest, the thing that sold me on Chunky with Merino was the price when I first tried it out.  I love Merino, but it can get very pricy for larger projects like blankets and throws, so I purchased a few skeins based on the price to see if this would be a decent option and I’ve been going back to it ever since!


7.Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Yarn

This is the worsted weight version of #3 above (Knit Picks Mighty Stitch Bulky Yarn), and I love it for all of the same reasons.  The softness and colour palette is ideal for baby and children knitting/crochet.  It is not as thick as the chunky version, which makes this yarn perfect for springtime projects as well as home decor.  I’ve even knit up a pair leg warmers with Mighty Stitch and the drape and softness of the yarn was just perfect!


8.Knit Picks Swish Worsted Weight Yarn

I’m a huge fan of Knit Picks if you haven’t already noticed from this list!  Swish is truly a luxury to knit with as it is 100% superwash Merino Wool.   I prefer this yarn for winter accessories and have really enjoyed making mittens and beanies like the Free Toddler Beanie Knitting Pattern with it.

And that is it for my list of my go to yarns!  I’d love to hear from you on which yarns you love and why in the comments below!


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12 thoughts on “My Go To Yarns

  1. Thank you for all of your yarn recommendations and beautiful patterns in today’s newsletter. I can’t wait to get started!

  2. I really need a suggestion for a non animal yarn for a vegan friend. I would like to make several different hats for a man in his mid thirties who has had a dramatic hair loss from stress and lives in Canada but travels to the US. He wears a lot of black and brown but I woul like to add a bit of colors. He is a professional singer and guitarist . I would love to try and match some of his ties not to mention some color in his casual wear.

  3. It’s really great input from anyone who’s deeply into knit & crochet to know of their yarn/fiber choices. I couldn’t agree more regarding “Berroco Comfort” and feel this yarn is WAY overlooked. It is so soft it’s ridiculous. Most of us attempt to stay away from acrylics when doing amis because of the fuzz factor; but, Berroco Comfort is absolutely fuzz-less. And, it’s incredibly soft. Several years ago I found a pattern for an afghan in an Interweave publication I had and it called for this yarn. Never having used it, I was so pleased not only with the softness, but the drape, especially since it was an afghan. I do need to check out more Knit Pick products: have a friend across the Columbia River, where their corporate headquarters are and her daughter works for them. She’s (the daughter) always able to try out new yarns – lucky duck – and I’m super jealous. Alas, my friend only does doilies! How could she not delve into some of those gorgeous Knit Pick colors!

  4. I enjoy Universal yarn. I have enjoyed working with their Cotton Supreme and their Major yarn (100% acrylic). I love the multi colors and they work up beautifully. I also like working with Stylecraft special DK yarn. Lots of beautiful colors and it also works up beautifully.

  5. Knit Picks Mighty Stitch
    Cascade yarn simply soft
    Paintbox chunky
    Valley yarns merino well
    And seems like you name it I like it.

  6. Love your blog and this article! I’m still a beginner to crocheting and always run into the issues of what yarn to use for some of my projects, and this article was a great read! Thank you for this amazing blog!

  7. I love cascade simply soft yarn, Knit Picks Mighty Stitch, Paintbox chunky yarn, valley yarn makes a beautiful scarf and just about any kind of yarn but then some of them are tooooo expensive. I rely on your judgment when I have done some of your patterns. Guess my favorite would be the Paintbox yarn as I love that blanket in the two colors. Anxious to get started on the pink one you have displayed.

  8. I agree with your love of Knit Picks Dishie yarn. I am currently working up your farmhouse dish cloth using this yarn. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

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