Nautical Washcloths Pattern

Lately I’ve been obsessed with tapestry crochet (crocheting with more than one color in a row) because I love to draw and turn my designs into washcloths and pillow covers.  My latest project is this set of washcloths that I made for my son’s bath time.  He’s been asking me to make him some new washcloths and I know how much he loves the beach, so I went with a nautical theme.

If you haven’t tried tapestry crochet, do no feel intimidated!  Its almost as easy as using one color, and I filmed a video tutorial for you (posted below on this page) to walk you through it.

I have written out and posted the free pattern for the starfish and anchor washcloth below on this page.  You may also purchase the PDF file for easy printing and reading.  As a bonus, the PDF file includes the patterns for the sailboat and whale.  If you’d like to purchase the PDF file, click the “Purchase PDF” button below.

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What you will need:

The following materials are required to make a set of 4 washcloths.

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Each cloth measures 9” X 9”.


4.5 stitches X 4.5 Rows = 1” in single crochet.


SC: Single Crochet
CH: Chain

Pattern Notes:

The cloths are created using the tapestry crochet technique.  If you are unfamiliar with tapestry crochet, I have created a video tutorial below the the pattern notes.

  • When reading the pattern grid, note that the odd numbered rows are the right side, and the even numbered rows are the wrong side.
  • Right side rows are to be read right to left.
  • Wrong side rows are to be read left to right.
  • All rows are worked with both strands of yarn to keep the gauge and tension consistent. It is best to crochet tightly to avoid the second color being seen through the stitches.
  • When working a right side row, hold secondary yarn color to the back of your work.
  • When working a wrong side row, hold secondary yarn color to the front of your work.
  • Crochet over the second yarn (yarn not in use) when working each SC to avoid floats and make wash cloth reversible.

Video Tutorial:


With Main Color, CH 41 (40 plus 1 for turning chain). Work all stitches in single crochet (plus one turning chain at the end of each row). Follow color charts below starting at bottom right for row 1. Each cell represents one SC and each row represents one row of crochet.


Work around the border of the cloth evenly in single crochet.  Make sure that you do 3 SC in each corner of the border.  When you have completed one round, join to first sc with a slip stitch.  Fasten off and weave in the ends!

You may purchase the PDF file of this for easy printing and reading.  As a bonus, the PDF file includes the patterns for the sailboat and whale.  If you’d like to purchase the PDF file, click the “Purchase PDF” button below.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, and if so please share on social media so that others can try it out as well!

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11 thoughts on “Nautical Washcloths Pattern

  1. I can’t wait to try these! So pretty. Thanks for the video; makes it so much easier to understand than a written explanation. Really appreciate it!

  2. I just started tapestry crochet about a year ago. I’ve made about about 5 baby blankets with a heart motif. I’ve been looking for something with a seashore theme. Thank you so much. I think you have given me an answer.

  3. Sorry I couldn’t seem this information so m askng, if your patterns English or US stitches. So I can follow the pattern correctly.
    Thank you.
    Are you able to answer as I’m just starting with a pattern I bought from you.

  4. Gorgeous project for summer, my dear! It’s so fresh and smart. Thank so much for sharing the pattern with all of us. This one is going to my “To Do List”, that’s for sure! And also I’d like to include this project (one picture plus link) in my next “Summer Round-Up post” that I’m going to publish in my blog today. Have a lovely Sunday, dear!

  5. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks we’ll dear Leelee you have just taught an old lady a wonderful new way to use two colors on a washcloth, a hotpad or anything else that is crochet with two colors Thank you very much I Love all you patterns. God Bless You

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