Thanksgiving Throw Pillows Free Pattern

Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Canada (we celebrate in October), and I’m feeling especially thankful and blessed this year. I’ve started a habit of listing off at least 10 things that I’m grateful for every morning before I get out of bed to start my day. It reminds me not to stress out over the little things and compare my life to what I see on social media, which we can all be guilty of doing from time to time.

To celebrate the season of giving thanks, I thought I’d share the pattern for these Thanksgiving themed throw pillows with you. I hope you enjoy the pattern! Perhaps you can use the blessed pillow as a reminder to count your own blessings daily.

II have written out and posted the free pattern for these throw pillows below on this page.

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The following materials are required to make two throw pillows:

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Each rectangular panel measures 14” X 20” for a 14” X 20” throw pillow.  You can use a different sized hook and weight of yarn to alter the pattern for a larger or smaller pillow size.  Another option is to add (or remove) stitches at the sides and top of pattern.


5 stitches X 4.25 Rows = 1 inch in single crochet.


SC: Single Crochet

CH: Chain

Pattern Notes:

The front panel of the throw pillow is worked using the tapestry crochet technique.  If you are not familiar with tapestry crochet, it’s a good idea to view the following tutorial that I’ve created on tapestry crochet below.

  • When reading the pattern grid, note that the odd numbered rows are the right side, and the even numbered rows are the wrong side.
  • It’s a good idea to print the grid and highlight the rows as they are completed.
  • Right side rows are to be read right to left
  • Wrong side rows are to be read left to right
  • All rows are worked with both strands of yarn to keep the gauge and tension consistent.  It is best to crochet tightly to avoid the second color being seen through the stitches.
  • When working a right side row, hold Color B yarn to the back of your work.
  • When working a wrong side row, hold Color B yarn to the front of your work.
  • Crochet over the second yarn (yarn not in use) when working each SC to avoid floats (this is not necessary for the pillow covers but the end result looks neater and is reversible). 

Back Panels (make one for each pillow):

With Color A, CH 101 (100 plus 1 for turning chain).  Work all stitches in single crochet (plus one turning chain at the end of each row) for 60 rows.  Fasten off.

Front Panels:

With Color A, CH 101 (100 plus 1 for turning chain).  Work all stitches in single crochet.  Follow grids below starting at bottom right for row 1 and changing to Color B for the grey cells.  Each cell represents one SC and each row represents one row of crochet.


Weave in any loose ends.

Line up the front and back panels (make sure the right sides are facing outwards) and seam the sides of the cover together using whichever seaming method you prefer (I used the single crochet seaming method to avoid sewing).   After you have seamed 3 of the sides, insert the pillow form and continue to seam up the last side. 

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Throw Pillows Free Pattern

  1. Your pillow covers are gorgeous, Alnaar! Just what I was looking for. Question..I’m in Canada as well (Ontario). Where are you getting this yarn? Are you ordering from the states or does someone sell it in Canada? What do you think would be a suitable substitute. I already looked on yarnsub and didn’t see any names that I’ve ever seen. Would any worsted weight work? Any suggestions? Thankyou!

    1. Hi Colleen, I order it online (link is in the materials list). There is no shipping cost to Canada if you spend a certain amount (which is no problem for me lol). I think its $75. You could definitely use another worsted weight yarn but do check the gauge before you start so that the size not too big or small for your pillow form.

  2. I was only able to find 12×20 pillow forms. It should be okay as long as I omit equal amounts of rows from the top and bottom right?

    1. Hi Anna, you will need 14 skeins for two pillows (7 for one). The skeins are only 50 grams, but you could also make them with a different worsted weight yarn that is not as expensive. For example, the Knit Picks Brava line is less expensive and the skeins are 100 grams so you wouldn’t need as many.

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