Cottage Vibes Crochet Throw Pattern

This throw was inspired by long, lazy, rainy weekends (or snowy if you live near me!) . We’ve had quite a few of these over the past month or so, which afforded me plenty of time to sit with and complete this project.

What I loved about making the Cottage Vibes throw was the simplicity of the stitch pattern that I came up with. Once you get the hang of the extended double crochet (which is pretty much a slightly taller double crochet), this pattern is easy peasy! Your work will fly off your hook and there’s no guessing where to pick up where you left off.

Once again, I used Paintbox Yarns, this time I opted for the Simply Aran yarn since I didn’t want to blanket to be too heavy with this denser stitch. I’m in love with how the end result and I have a feeling this throw will be draped over our sofa all spring and summer long.

I have written out and posted the free pattern for the Cottage Vibes Throw below on this page.

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Cottage Vibes Crochet Throw Pattern


Here is what you will need to make this throw:


Throw Measures 37” wide X 62” long.

Special Stitches

EDC (Extended Double Crochet):
Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and draw through 1 loop (1 chain made), [yarn over and draw through 2 loops] 2 times—1 edc completed.


Chain 141 (or any odd number of stitches).

Row 1 (right side): SC in second chain from hook and in each remaining chain; CH 1, turn.
Row 2: *SC in next sc, EDC in next sc; repeat from * to end of row; CH 1, turn.
Row 3: *SC in next edc, EDC in next sc; repeat from * to end of row; CH1, turn.
Repeat Row 3 for the rest of the pattern. See next page for color scheme.

Color Scheme

Row 1-11: Main Color.
Row 12: Secondary Color.
Row 13-17 Main Color.
Row 18: Secondary Color.
Row 19-23: Main Color.
Row 24: Secondary Color.
Row 25-45: Main Color.
Repeat rows 12-45 three more times. This will bring you to the end of row 147. We now finish off the pattern by mirroring the beginning of the blanket.

Row 148: Secondary Color.
Row 149-153: Main Color.
Row 154: Secondary Color.
Row 155-159 Main Color.
Row 160: Secondary Color.
Row 161-171: Main Color.


Fasten off and weave in ends. This blanket does not have a border.

I hope you enjoyed this free pattern and I am so grateful for your support!  Don’t forget that you can purchase the ad-free PDF file.  Purchasing the PDF file helps support this website and allows me to continue to share my patterns and inspiration with you guys!   

Should you have any issues with the download, please email: for assistance. 

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42 thoughts on “Cottage Vibes Crochet Throw Pattern

  1. Loved the look of your blanket using EDC stitch so much I got busy immediately making samples with a variety of yarn weights and hooks. I’m an experienced crocheter of over 50 years, but I think I must be doing something wrong because my samples were a hot mess. The pattern is easy enough, but my stitches were not lining up nice and even like your blanket in the photo. After ripping one sample out several times and studying your photo, I decided to line up the SC & the EDC with the same stitch on the row below. Viola !!! My samples now look exactly like your blanket ! Every row after Row 3 was a mess until I lined up the stitches.

    Would appreciate it if you could give some guidance on what I might be missing.

    As I do most of my crochet work for charity, this pattern will be a go-to because it is so tactile, has so many color combination possibilities and is not a yarn hog like other bobble patterns I have used in the past.

    1. I’m not sure I really understand the question, but if you are working a SC in each EDC and and EDC in each SC, then it will look just like the blanket in the photo.

  2. Hi, I am wondering how I can make this wider than 36 inches. What is the starting stitch count? ie. “Stitch Multiple for gauge swatch = An odd number of sts, plus 3 for the foundation chain.” What is this patterns?!! Thanks

  3. This is a great pattern and seems like an easy stitch to pick up . I am going to be starting a blanket for a wonderful couple in my church and this looks like it might be a great fit. How big is yours? As in inches. So I will know how many to do , the male of the couple is 6’4

    1. Hi Cecilia! This blanket should measure 37” wide X 62” long. I would suggest adding a few inches width and length for a larger person 🙂

  4. I have just come across this pattern and it looks like something I might be able to make (hopefully anyway), so thank you for sharing your pattern. xx

  5. Thank you for a very beautiful afghan pattern and a very simple crochet-user pattern.your site is very nice and your love of crocheting shows.again,thankyou.this will be a beautiful xmas gift for family.

  6. I’m loving this stitch! Thank you for making this free. I’m making a baby blanket for my friend’s first grandbaby, due in the spring (2020). I’m doing mine in a solid (no stripes) color– off-white. The texture is fabulous! When I’m done, I’ll post pics on my Ravelry projects page. Your directions are very clear, by the way, which I also really appreciate.

  7. Hello, I am planning to start this as my next project. Can you recommend a comparable wool or merino wool yarn? I’m planning to change up the color to a winter white and garnet. Thank you!

  8. Thankyou so much for the pattern. I am not very good at crocheting but I decided, because I like the look of your throw, that I would make a small swatch to see if I could do it. I am so happy! Your patterns are very easy to follow, so if a dummy like me is able to do this, anyone would be able to do it. Like I said, “I am so happy!!!!” Thank you so much Alnaar xx

  9. This pattern has a really pretty looking texture. I’ve not used an extended double crochet much, so i’m anxious to try it out. Thanks for designing it.

  10. Just started this for a friend’s daughter who’s had to cancel her wedding plans and elope instead. (Three of my friends’ kids have had to make this tough decision this year.) I gave my friend many patterns to choose from and this is the one she chose for her daughter and future SIL. It’s working up quickly, and bonus: it’s reversible! Very pretty blanket. Thank you for the pattern!

  11. Just saw this in the newsletter. It is nice that you discovered the “Extended Double Crochet” Stitch on your own, and thus “invented” it, you should know it has been around since at least 1918. I have an old pattern book which has 1 patt. which uses this.
    An extremely small number of people have been exposed to it! I hope you are able to create more patterns using it, and by so doing, make it more available, especially to Designers. European and Japanese patterns use the “Treble”, and “Double Treble” MUCH more often than here in America. There are some amazingly gorgeous Edging Patterns out there. [53 years experience.]

  12. Hi Alnaar. I loved making this cottage vibes throw. I bought the pattern but now cannot find it. Is it possible to send it to me again. If not I can use the free one above. Thank you and you are a very talented girl. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your future posts.

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